Lil' Red Hood's game review : The College

Love young college girls? Then check this out.
Let’s jump into the story right away here. Our father gets stuck in a huge debt and is not allowed by the court to take care of you, so he ships you off to your mother. Weird things start happening right away, as you are put on a large plane ALONE with a sexy flight attendant. But if he doesn’t have money, how could he rent a plane? That probably mother’s doing, but if she has money, why doesn’t she help? Well, regardless, you are forced to attend a female college that she is a principal of. It would all be great and good, if it wasn’t for the fact there is a cult in it! And now just any cult, a cult for succubus Lilith! That means you will be finding yourself in all sorts of sexy debauchery with sexy teens.
I did find the story curious myself and there are some funny moments in it, actually, that made me giggle. The only thing I can lambast the game for is the language, sometimes the English is a bit wonky and sometimes the descriptions are pretty poor.
Gameplay starts simple, it looks like an ol’ adult visual novel, but after the introduction you realize that there is more. Soon you will be living your own college life. Balancing visiting classes, triggering events, trying to know more about the cult, and maybe even work for someone very special.
It’s not that hard, but it can be a bit grindy. And you are not sure where you are supposed to go sometimes. I think having a clue somewhere would be a big help here. The only advice I can give is – visit principal office after mandatory classes. After a few visits the game will open up even more. So there is something to enjoy here, if you like exploration.
Let’s check out some screenshots.
I would say that the art is generic, but it can be surprisingly detailed. You can see the reflection in their eyes, veins on your cock, slight wetness on thighs and so on. So the art surprised me more than I initially thought. And once again, the way the author poses the models can be quite funny (ballet class for example).
Frequency of the sex scenes depends on how well you are going through the game. The beginning is FULL of sex, but then it grinds to a halt a bit, while you are going to classes. Of course, if you know what you are doing, you will unlock sex scenes to enjoy fast.
If you enjoy 3D college teens porn than this game will make you cum lots. If you enjoy a good story, this might be interesting for you too. If the author includes more clues, more activities and employs better English, this could really be an amazing game. So far I will give it 3.8 stars, but it has potential to get more.
Link to the game: The College
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