Lil' Red Hood's game review : Treasure of Nadia

I am sure this game needs no introduction. I am not sure it even needs my review. You played it, you probably loved it and now you are waiting for the next update.
Treasures of Nadia is an adventure game made by NLT the creators of Lust Epidemic. If you played that game, you already know what to expect, but for the sake of redundancy, let’s go over it.
The less said about the story the better. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s fucking awesome. You play the son of a famous archeologist and treasure hunter, who tragically dies. Of course, as a young lad you also want adventure, cute girls etc. But unfortunately your dead doesn’t leave you much inheritance. At least it seems like that at first, as you quickly find his life’s passion Soul Stone. And this Soul Stone contains a beautiful. . .
Ahh. Getting ahead of myself here. Trust me when I say the story is worth it. What I love about it, is that it’s not huge information dumps. Characters speak to each other like in a, I don’t know, actual game or a movie, and that’s how you get new information. The writing is great, the mystery is even better and the dialogue is not cringy. Of course, you have to look out as NTL games never shy away from more hardcore stuff.
Gameplay here is interesting and mostly serves to frame the story. It’s done with RPG maker, that means a top-down view. BUT. You wouldn’t even guessed it’s an rpg maker game if I didn’t tell you. The created and drew their own models, their own menu, sounds and everything you see if unique. That shoots this game miles above everyone else as that is a titanic effort.
So what we will be doing in this game? Hunting for clues most often. That means going from place to place, talking to people, searching for treasures, solving some puzzles etc. It’s an adventure game and I can tell you one thing, you won’t be bored. I finished this game up to the current patch in one sitting, which is not usually the case. And don’t worry, this game is large and lots of content is inside already. The only downside, I SUPPOSE is that you need to know English to even get anywhere in this game. I mean, I am sure that’s not a problem for you, bad boy, since you are reading this, but I’ll be honest, I am hard-pressed to find anything bad about this game, soo this will do, I suppose.
Do you like MILFs by the way?
According to our tags a LARGE percentage of you loves sexy MILFs. Good. Because this game has plenty in store.
Ok. I’m sorry about using bad words here, but this is fucking unbelievable. These are the best renders I’ve seen in my line work. This is stunning. I am impressed. I am blown away. And you know the best part? It’s all animated. And it’s not just 3 frames of animation, no. They move their eyes, you can see the glistening of the skin. It’s a 3D movie for every scene and it puts pixar to shame. I don’t usually recommend you to go support the creator, because I think it goes without saying for the games that you like, but, this is something that’s worth it.
I can salivate about the beautiful pictures and renders for hours, so let’s move on.
The only thing you can possibly find fault in with this game is the frequency of the sex scenes. They are obviously all locked away behind story, progression and puzzles. Honestly, I don’t mind it here, as the reward is always worth it and you can blow your load to just one scene alone. Plus you have their still images to look at, so don’t worry, I don’t think it’s a minus here.
What can I say. This is not a sex game. This a GAME with sex elements. This can be sold in stores. The quality here is outstanding. I mean it. Every single aspect of this game performs it’s duty spectacularly. The sounds, the images, the puzzles, the writing, it’s all top notch. If I get to nit-pick maybe I can find a few flaws, but why would I want to do it? This is one of THE best sex games and whether you play this game on our website or gamcore or donate to their patreon to get the windows version – good time is guaranteed. 6/5 stars.
Link to the game: Treasure of Nadia
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